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Borneo Kellybays

Borneo Kellybays is a unique getaway that is situated at the district of Tuaran. Its is about 45 minutes drive up North of Kota Kinabalu City, right at the end of Laya-Laya Village and about 1 minute boat ride from a hidden jetty among the mangrove forest.

Visitors are welcome at the jetty with beautiful sounds of insects and sometime during low tides, hundreds of colorful fiddler crabs are seen just beside the board walk, on the sand. You will then board a special Floating Hut that will transfer you from the jetty, cruise along the magrove river to the other side of the mangrove, to a wonderful place called Borneo Kellybays.

There are tons of activities there that you can do that are suitable for families and friends, such as Crab Catching, Batik painting, Blow Pipe session, Volleyball and watersport activities such as Banana Boat, Kayaking, Surfing and more.

Then there are food. Wonderful delicacies such as having Teh Tarik, Roti Canai and Curry Chicken during hi-tea are Borneo Kellybays signature menu. Their buffet lunch menu are quite a sumptuous meal that can be arrange by prior reservation.

Lastly, a mesmerizing 7 kilometer private beach with soft white sand and crystal clear water that visitors can enjoy swimming, sun bathing, or just enjoy the sea breeze laying down on hammocks prepared at the beach.

So, come away with us....

Borneo Kellybays Gallery

Jetty to Borneo Kellybay.

Cruise on Floating Hut along the mangrove.

Along the way to Borneo Kellybays.

Crab trap.

Visitors gets a chance to cast crab trap.

Arriving Borneo Kellybays.

Visitor enters the main building.

The restaurant at main building for visitors to keep their belongings and have meals.

Batik Painting Activity.

Visitors having a painting session.

Completed painting.

Blowpipe session.

Banana boat activity.

Banana boat activity in progress.

Kayaking session.

Kayaking session in progress.

Beach at Borneo Kellybays.

Facilities at the beach.

Visitors resting on hammocks at beach area.

Lunch at Borneo Kellybays.

One of the menu.

One of the menu.

Signature Menu at Borneo Kellybays - Roti Canai.

One of the menu.

Lunch session at Borneo Kellybays.

On the way back to jetty, collect crab trap and get your reward if any.